WL Toys V262 BNF with ball bearing upgrade no transmitter

Ver. 2 board with plugs for modules.  PLEASE click on this item to see more detailed information

  • Great FPV platform
  • Upgraded with ball bearing kit
  • 7.4 V power
  • Handles heavy winds
  • LED for night time flying
  • AC charger with 850 mAh 2S battery
  • 8-12 minute flight time
  • Flight Tested
  • Motors broken in
  • 1 set of spare blades
  • Suitable for ages 14+

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See the review and discussion thread of the V262 here:  V262 Review by James Chen  

It is highly recommended that you purchase the V262 Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit.  We'll install them for you if purchased at the time with the V262. 


1. Put the quad on a level surface

2. Bind your transmitterquad as you normally do

3. On the Transmitter, select rate to be either 80% or 100%

4. Put BOTH control sticks to the LOWER-LEFT corner and hold them there until the on-board LED begins to flash.

5. Let go of the sticks, and the accelerometer will be reset within 2 seconds, and the LED will stop flashing.

The V2x2 series can now be controlled using any Devo transmitter that's capable of running the Deviation hack:

If you've never flown RC before we suggest you try our other micro or mini quads.  The V262 requires more attention and care both when flying it and keeping it maintained.  The propellors do not auto-rotate when power is cut\lost due to the strong motor magnetic cogging effect, so practicing safety is even more important when flying the V262 compared to our other quads.  The motors tend to wear out more quickly and require soldering to replace them unless you order our boom assemblies.  Flight aggressiveness affects motor life as well as proper cooling.  

We suggest removing the motor covers to get additional air cooling to the  motors and in addition, their removal frees up weight.  The downside is that in a crash the motor gear housing may get bent.  The motor gear housing is easier to replace than a carbon boom however so it makes a better sacrificial component.  You should give the motors ample cool-down period between flights and shorten your flight times when carrying a load.

Please note that the V262 ships without the retail box in order to save on shipping costs.  To keep packaging as compact and inexpensive as possible, we're removing the controller sticks and putting them in the transmitter's battery compartment.  There are 3 shipping options.  If you want cheaper Priority shipping we can remove the booms from the mainframe and package it in our smaller 12"x12"x6" box for Weighted Priority.  Here's how the booms will be packaged (picture is only an example...........follow the boom labelling on your actual pacakge) along with the other components.  Please note, the orientation of left\right is from the pilot's seat position:

12x12x6 Packaging

Please refer to this diagram for hooking up the motors and LED connections:

RX6 Board

V262 plug connections


RX9 Board (motor and LED plugs go to ones closest to their perspective boom)

 RX9 Wiring

 If you don't want it broken down we also have our 18"x18"x6" box that can be shipped Standard Post or Priority Weighted with the last option costing around $35.  Until the first few order goes out shipping calculations may be off but generally in order of increase cost. 

1) 12x12x6 box Priority (select USPS Priority Weighted Rate option), V262 booms removed from mainframe as pictured above

2) 18x18x6 Standard Ground

3) 18x18x6 Priority Weighted

 If you order more than 3 LiPos we may downgrade your shipping to Ground to comply with LiPo shipping guidelines:

The V262 does not come with foam canopy but a lighter V212 alien canopy that's been modified to fit it. Please request what color canopy you want,  red, blue or pink.  If you don't choose we'll assume you want to help save the ta ta's.  

We lubricate the gears with graphite from a #2 pencil.  You'll also notice that after running your V262 for awhile, the brass pinions will darken where the nylon gears mesh with them.  Initially this is from the graphite lube, but brass surfaces actually get harder\tougher with proper wear and this dark line is actually a sign of that happening.  You should re-apply graphite lube to your nylon gears regularly as well as lubricate the  bearings.  We also break in the motors at low RPM with no load which takes time so your order may not go out next day depending on how heavy orders are.  Even though we break in the motors, you should do your first few flights, taking it easy on the throttle.  

Please note that from the factory the motor wiring comes like this:

Stock wiring from factory 

Having the wires in such close proximity to both the motor and each other is asking for a short as the motors get hot and can melt through the insulation.  We reposition the wires so that they are not near each other when near the motor and the positive lead has some distance from motor to prevent the heat from melting the insulation causing a short.  You should leave the wires as we have positioned them and if replacing a motor yourself,  route the wires as we have (notice both positive and negative leads do not touch the metal motor housing):

Motor Wires Properly Routed

With motor cover on.  Don't worry the wires look pinched but there is enough gap plus it's sandwiched between plastic:

Wires routed motor cover on

Videos of the V262:


V262 FPV flight with Mobius camera

  • Devo 7E Config File for V2X2
    Devo 7E configuration file an icon for V2X2 quads. Here's the configuration for the switches:Left Vertical Switch Up - Ch7 Momentary - Camera/AutoMissile/HoistA Left Vertical Switch Down - Ch8 Momentary - Video/Missle/Sprayer/HoistB Left Horizontal Switch Right - Ch5 Toggle - Toggle LEDs On/Off Left Horizontal Switch Left - N/A TH - Ch6 - Flips FMOD - Dual RatesThanks to Phractured Blue, Victzh, Daryoon, and Jason for all their hard work. Sorry if I left anyone else out.
  • V262 Manual
    V262 Manual

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