Turnigy Nanotech 600 mAh 35 to 70 C 1S lipo

These provide that extra punch when you need it, and the extra power helps when you have additional payloads.  Others have reported longer flight times as well. The V212\V222\V959 charger will charge these batteries as well as any JST 1S charger.  Please note these are for the V212\V222\V959 mini quad and not the micro quads.  

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These batteries are slightly longer than the stock V212\V222\V959 LiPos and weight about 2 grams more.  

NOTE:  You should always let your quad's motors cool down between flights. This is even more important when using higher capacity\faster discharge batteries.  As with any mechanical or electrical component that is run outside of normal parameters, you run the risk of reducing the life of the part.  MassiveRC takes no responsibility for premature motor failures as a result of running these batteries.  Use them at your own risk. 

Canadian\International customers, please don't order more than 3 if you're not buying them with a quad.  Customs may block shipment if they're not installed in a device.  If you need more than 3 then make additional orders for the extras. Thank you. 

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