V202 Scorpion BNF (without remote)

This is the Bind-N-Fly version of the V202 that comes without remote, charger, or batteries for those that just want a spare.

  • 2.4 Ghz 
  • LED lighting for night time flying
  • 6 Axis stabilization
  • Easy back-to-back Flips
  • Can be throw-launched upside down
  • Capable of flying in heavy winds
  • Prop Motor Guard 
  • Flight Tested
  • 3 sets of spare blades
  • Suitable for ages 14+


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$89.95 每 transmitte

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Please note that the V202 ships without the retail box in order to save on shipping costs. If you would like to order the V202 with a WL Toys beetle canopy instead of the Scorpion, just add the color canopy you desire to your cart and send us a note not to send you the scorpion canopy, and we'll credit you $1.

While the scorpion canopy may look cool, the beetle canopy is lighter and the V202 performs better with it.  Note:  Only the WL Toys beetle canopies will fit.  The compatible canopies are listed under accessories for the V202 (unless they're out of stock).  If you want to use the other canopies we have, you have to do a modification in order to get them to fit:

The BNF V202 can be shipped as low as $2 to some areas as shipping weight is very light without the remote.  Please note that with the scorpion canopy you're not going to get as stable hover as you will with the beetle canopy.  That's the price you pay to look cool :p 

We suggest when you get your V202 that you apply some white all purpose (or any other non-permanent ) glue around the LED light holders so they don't pop off in a hard crash.  

One final note:  You may notice the LED wires underneath the circuit board look bare and uninsulated.  The wire used is clear enamel or lacquer coated wire similar to what you find in electric motors so you don't have to worry about them causing shorts.  

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