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    Recording and FPV cameras

  • Accessories for Camera and FPV

    Accessories for cameras and FPV

  • Video Receivers, Goggles, LCD Screens

    Video receivers, goggles, and LCD screens for FPV

  • Video Transmitters

    Video transmitters for FPVImportant Note: You must have antennas installed before powering up video transmitters (VTX) or you will burn them out.You'll notice we don't carry 600mW transmitters, here's why:

  • Antennas

    5.8 Ghz FPV antennas for improved video reception. Never power up your video transmitter without an antenna installed or you will burn it out. Confused about connectors? See this image explaining the difference between SMA and RP-SMA. MassiveRC orders our video receivers and transmitters with SMA female ends and their antennas with SMA male ends so you can rest assured if you buy any of our FPV components, they'll work with each other (unless noted othewise). For those of you who have RP-SMA components, we have adapters as well.We carry both LHCP and RHCP antennas. We use the term 'cloverleaf' as it's visually descriptive. Technically, 'cloverleaf' refers to 3 lobe transmitter and 'skew planar' refers to 4 lobe receiver antennas. If you're thinking of getting or making an expensive cloverleaf that doesn't have a plastic protective housing, all that effort put into designing that finely tune antenna is ruined in your first crash as there's nothing protecting the antenna from being distorted and crushed, where it's not going to perform as good as when it was uncrushed in addition to the bending possibly causing a cold solder joint.