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V202 V212 remote

This is the V202 remote.  It may have either the V202/V212 or V929/V939 LCD plate, but rest assured it's a V202\V212 remote.  It can be used to control a V222, but lacks the module activation buttons.  

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To make these cheaper to ship we can break them down by removing the antenna, power switch cover, gimble sticks, covers, and domes for you to reassemble (it's pretty easy to put back together).  If you want it broken down and put in our quad box for cheap shipping, choose First Class.  Total shipped weight is 10 ounces if you want to look up actual shipping costs at USPS from 32904 ZIP.   If you don't want to hassle with reassemblling it, choose Priority Medium Flat Rate shipping.  As always, we'll refund any difference (minus $1 packagiing cost) in shipping when we print out the shipping label.  

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