List of products by manufacturer HiSky

HISky makes innovative, high quality, flybarless helicopters as well as mini\micro quadcopters.

HiSky is brings a refreshing change to MassiveRC as the quality control of their products is top notch. Because of this we don't need to flight-test HiSky products like some other brands because each unit is flight tested before it leaves the HiSky factory. HiSky also knows how to create environmentally-friendly, compact packaging, allowing MassiveRC to now provide retail packaging.HiSky makes both fixed collective pitch flybarless micro helicopters as well as the HMX120 micro quad. Please note that we're selling the HiSky products in an ala-carte style manner. Most units are sold as BNF (Bind n Fly).If you already have a hobby grade transmitter with PPM trainer port, order the HT8 adapter module to control our RC units using the HiSky protocol. If you don't have your own transmitter we have a hobby grade X-6S, fully-functional transmitter with all the bells and whistles.We also sell our Fixed Pitch helis that are compatible with the popular FlySky protocol.Finally, if you have a Devo modded transmitter you can control all our RC flyers using the appropriate module installed (NRF2401 for HiSky protocol and A7105 for FlySky protocol)