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HiSky HT8 Radio Adapter

This adapter allows you to control HiSky products with your existing hobby grade transmitter equipped with a trainer port.

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This product is what we believe to be the perfect solution for those who already have a high-end radio and are interested in our line of aircraft. The HT8 is a module that translates the signal from the transmitter (via the trainer jack) to a language in which our aircraft understands. On said module there are 2 lights and a selection button, the one that is labelled "F/J/W" signals which transmitter language the module is currently reading: green for Futaba radios, red for JR radios and off for all other radios including Walkera units; switch between these settings by pressing the selection button. The signal light indicates that there is a signal going through the module; this light is usually green unless the connection is faulty (red), which requires the user to reconnect the transmitter to the HT8 module.  Parameter: Operating Voltage :5~12V.DCWorking current:≤100 MAOperating frequency : 2402 MH2~2477 MH2SSM:FHSSFMR:240jump/s1.Built in power supply, suitable for different brand radio2.Supports most main stream radios, such as JR/Futaba/Walkera3.Charging protection and Low voltage alarm function

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