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DIY (Do It Yourself), RTF (Ready to Fly), and ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) categories


  • Parts

    Hobby grade parts for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) enthusiast. If you've never flown a multirotor before we suggest you first master the basics of flight by purchasing one of our ready-to-fly units before venturing into the world of DIY.

  • Mini Quads

    Generally 250mm from motor to motor diagonally.

  • Micro Quads

    These are the smallest of the 4 propeller blade quads. They can be flown indoors and out and handle wind fairly well. The propeller blades are directly driven from the motor so there are less parts to break or wear out. If the micro quad does not have built-in prop guards, motors can take damage from impacts. Outdoors, micros can be harder to see if you if you fly them too far away, but this usually isn't a problem if you don't purposely fly them out of your range of sight. They are very portable to take anywhere you want to go.