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RC EYE One S ARF (Can use Eye One Xtreme TX)

Powerful DC-Motors ensuring durability and long lifetime Robust frame construction Safety power off function during DC-Motor jam Replaceable DC-Motors Integrated Status-LED indicating Transmitter Status, Flight Mode, Low Battery One touch flight mode selector Almost Ready To Fly,  Requires One Link or Eye One Xtreme Transmitter

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It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, simply enjoy casual flights or the ability to perform acrobatic flip maneuvers with the RC EYE One S. Equipped with modern gyro technology, along with its simple yet robust design, we guarantee that it is absolutely fun to fly. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the flight stabilization technology performs reliably even in windy conditions. Similar with the RC EYE One, you can practice your orientation skills in beginner mode before moving your way up to sport and expert modes unleashing the ability to perform semi-automatic flips. It’s ready to fly with new 2.4 GHz FHSS transmitter and receiver pair and they are OneLink ready. Acrobatic Flip Ability Semi automatic acrobatic mode is available. It can be applied in SPORTS and EXPERT mode and allows you to have more excitement and fun. Light Weight and Ready to Fly Mini Copter RC EYE One S weighs less than 100 grams, it reacts sensitively to wind or draughts. The RC EYE One S is tiny, very strong and durable. It’s powered with a LiPo battery (7.4 V 350 mAh) and can be charged simply by using the charger provided. The copter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box and comes fully built with no assembly required. Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Flight Experience The flight model can be operated both in inner rooms and outdoor. Simple-to-use control allows you to fly at a more leisurely pace if desired. 3 Flight Modes - From Beginner to Expert The model is designed for beginners as well as experienced model helicopter pilots. There are 3 different flight modes (Beginner, Sports and Expert) and could be equally fun for beginners as well as experts. The remote control transmitter can be programmed to five different transmitter channels so that five pilots can fly five different RC EYE Ones together. Self-Stabilizing Flight Characteristics  What is new in RC EYE One S (Compared to RC EYE One)TX/RX 2.4 GHz with frequency hopping (Automatic channel selection). TX with fixed timer function.Alarm I : 4 min 1 x beep [3 sec pause], 1x beep [3 sec pause], 1 x beep [3 sec pause], 1 x beepAlarm II : 5 min 2 x beep [3 sec pause], 2x beep [3 sec pause], 2 x beep [3 sec pause], 2 x beepAlarm III : 6 min 3 x beep [3 sec pause], 3x beep [3 sec pause], 3 x beep [3 sec pause], 3 x beepAlarm IV : 7 min 4 x beep [3 sec pause], 4x beep [3 sec pause], 4 x beep [3 sec pause], 4 x beep TX available in Mode 1 and Mode 2. New landing gear (Motors are now free above ground). Enhanced motor blocking recognition: Motors will be checked and switched off when motor current differs excessive 2 seconds after power-up. Motors will be switched off when a short circuit at any of the motors is detected (*!). Stronger driver MOSFET for motors. 25% increased power in SPORTS mode. Angle boundary remains unchanged in SPORTS mode. Wobble risk minimized. The copter does not tend to start swinging after fast descending with low motor power. Angle-zero-set 2 seconds after reducing power to 0: This allows the user to reduce throttle to 0 while flying for up to 2 seconds. Flight mode switchable via TX only (Former CHANNEL select switch). Semi automatic acrobatic mode.(*!): Each time you start to fly the RC EYE One S, the firmware will check the current flow to each motor. If a motor requires an unusual high amount of power (current flow), all motors will be switched off for safety. You will not be able to use the product until you have identified and replaced the faulty motor. A motor may draw excessive amount of power because it has reached its end of life or because it has been damaged, e.g. a bent shaft or any other damage to the motor including its propeller.   The following items are included in the delivery:RC EYE One S (Mode 2) 7.4 V 350 mAh LiPo Battery USB LiPo Charger 4 x Replacement Propeller (2 x black, 2 x red) 2 x AAA Battery Operating Instructions

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