About us MassiveRC was formed by enthusiasts with a passion for RC products.  James Chen and Romeo Barrera (aka Massive Overkill) are two individuals that have directly influenced some of the products that are on the market today, such as the V911 from WL Toys and the Benma Helios, both fixed-pitch micro helicopters.   Having played with RC cars, tanks, boats, multirotors and helicopters, we've settled on concentrating on FPV racing multirotors. In addition, whenever you have an issue, you can rest assured that you will be speaking someone that lives, eats, and breathes RC.  You'll never speak to outsourced support or someone who isn't familiar with the product.   Because of our tight ties with the manufacturers of the products, we have direct influence in making them better, as mentioned in the first paragraph.  We work with enthusiasts to help make better products.   Our final and most important goal is to educate customers that are making their first purchase so that they can make an informed decision.


MassiveRC is located at: 3457 Mount Carmel Lane Melbourne, FL 32901